Kiln Repairs

If you are in need of repairing your kiln, there are a variety of places that you can go to. The professional kiln repair person should be able to do a number of different things to make sure that your kiln is working properly.

The kiln repairs company should be able to do a electrical safety check, clean and fire the chamber, check to see how tight the electrical connections are, and inspect the cables. The person should also check the over temperature device and thermocouple, check the flow through element circuit, do electrical safety checks, check the contractors, and work on any repairs that needs to be fixed. The person should also be able to repair insulation and brickwork. The company should be able to get all of this done within a reasonable amount of time. This could mean a day or two from when you dropped it off.

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What a Kiln is Used For


When you have a kiln it is important to keep it in good shape so that you can use it. They can be used for many things so you want it working properly so it will do its job. Some of the things that it is used for are ceramics, smelting ore to get extract metal, brickworks, drying malted barley, heating limestone to make calcium oxide, drying corn, drying wood to use for firewood, and drying green lumber so that you can use it right away.

Kiln Types

There are different types of kilns. The main types are continuous and intermittent. A continuous kiln is a structure that is long where only the central area of it is directly heated. A intermittent kiln has ware that is placed into the kiln. It is then closed and the kiln and ware are fired up. They are then cooled after the firing is complete.

Preparing to Use Your Kiln

Before you use your kiln, it is important to make sure it is in proper order. When firing your kiln throughout the year brick dust and clay and other things get stuck in it. All of this debris can cause it to burn out quickly which then means you will have to get it repaired. It is best to vacuum the kiln out to get debris out after you use it.


You will want to inspect your kiln to make sure that it looks good. You will want to watch for safety hazards like flammable material around it, loose screws, missing hardware, and damaged areas on it.

Fire The Kiln

Before you start using the kiln, do a test fire on it. When you do this you will be able to find out if there is something wrong with it before you can't do anything about it. Once you have test fired it you should know if it is working properly.

So as you can see, it is is important that you keep your kiln in good shape so that you can use it for a long time.